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Maire Brandon

Fitness Professional, Maire Brandon is the mother of 5 children who was born in SCOTLAND, raised in Rockford, IL and moved permanently to Los Angeles, CA in November 2008. She brings over 30 years of experience to any gym, club, studio or classroom. Her interest in the human body began at age 10 through her involvement in the arts, in the medium of classical ballet. It is, to that, which she attributes her disciplined belief in technique and form while lifting weights, stretching, cardiovascular exercise, all dance forms and even diet and nutrition.

While raising and home schooling her 5 children for 20 years she continued to pursue self-studies in physiology, anatomy, food biology, human kinetics and natural healing during which time she ran competitively, taught gymnastics and obtained several certifications through a Chicago based fitness club, SCW, www.scwfitness.com


Maire is currently certified as an Advanced Personal Trainer with AFPA and has held certifications in Kick Boxing, Group Fitness and Pilates Apparatus. She offers help with weight loss, physique sculpting, strengthening and improved quality of life through such programs as: weight lifting, diet and nutrition, aerobics, hip-hop, kick boxing, stretching and conditioning and classical ballet.

Professional Experience

Stretching coach for Professional boxer, Evander Holyfield during his stay in LA; Strength and Core Conditioning Coach for nationally competitive gymnasts; strength and conditioning coach for semi-professional football players; strength and flexibility trainer for high school soccer and cross country teams; private choreographer for nationally competitive ice skaters and gymnasts as well as regional body builders and lastly, ballet/hip hop/aerobics/gymnastics teacher for 20 years, to both children and adults.

Personal Accomplishments

Semi-professional dancing performing artist for 15 years; competitive runner for 20 years in the northern IL southern WI area, where she was ranked consistently, in the top 10 fastest female runners; competitive in numerous biathlons, duathlons and triathlons. Within the last ten years she has been locally and nationally competitive in natural body building and figure, and appearing in Iron Man Magazine, September 2011 issue, as the featured HARDBODY of the month.

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