I Crashed On My Bike………Hypoglycemically Speaking! ;-)

Well I’m one week into my competition diet and I guess those 50 grams or so of carbs per day just aren’t enough to get me through my Sunday 20 miler on my Lemond…..and apparently my body is not yet efficient enough at fat conversion!  I had a protein shake … Continue Reading →

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The Human Race or The Race of Humanity……

Strength. What do you think of when you define this word? One thing I believe we would agree on is that it is a positive word. Strength of character, strength of will, unlimited strength, tenacious strength, strength in discipline, strength to persevere, mental strength, etc. All of these conjure up … Continue Reading →

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The “Fastrack” Mentality…….

When I ride, I think (therefore I AM)…Renee Descartes… LOL   Seriously, my mind covers a lot of information when I ride and I come up with some great ideas, unfortunately I forget much of it by the time I get back home…hahahaha.   Since I ride mostly on the Ballona Creek … Continue Reading →

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Just a quick thought about neoglucogenesis, aka self canabolism. Yes, that’s what happens when you don’t eat enough to sustain you body or activity level, your body eats itself. I know most people don’t give thought to that and for some reason, as humans, we tend to believe that starving … Continue Reading →

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Sunday Morning Ride

I wasn’t particularly in the mood to hop on my bike this gloomy, cool Sunday morning, would’ve rather laid in bed with my warm bodied boyfriend but I am competing in 3 weeks and those calories need to be burned, so off I went. The first mile or so was … Continue Reading →

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Hiking for Relaxation and Cardio

Hiking in Malibu State Park…..April 2013

What better way to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon in Southern California than hiking with wonderful people, good food and the beautiful scenery of Malibu State Park?! I have many people express to me how hard it is to keep on a clean diet… Continue Reading →
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Holistic Health

Being that my life has been dedicated to fitness and health, I try to apply that to every facet of living; nutrition, exercise and my idea of “medicine”. Our view of health, as humans, has many faces and each of us has an idea of what “healthy” is in our … Continue Reading →

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I recently finished a diet challenge at Powerhouse Gym in Torrance, CA, where I train clients and workout myself. I started a diet February 1st and posted a sign to see who might be interested in doing the challenge with me…to my surprise, 13 other people, some my clients and … Continue Reading →

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Dips Done Beast Mode.

Strip Dips w/chains… Continue Reading →

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Paleo Fudge Bites

I came across this recipe while looking around for healthy alternatives to processed treats and decided to make them. They are incredible….I’m sure I’ll eat too many!! :-)
The recipe is quite easy to make, takes about 10 to 15 minutes tops.

1/2 c. coconut oil
1/2 c. unsweetened … Continue Reading →

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