I started a “shredding diet” on February 1st and am on a countdown to a photo shoot in April and possible competition. I shared with a few clients and friends at the gym and they were interested in hopping on the band wagon. Due to people talking about it, more people became interested and started asking me what exactly was a “shredding diet”!! I decided to make it public, so I posted a sign up sheet in the gym with the names of the already committed people and to my delight 12 people took the challenge!! I provided them with all the necessary tools; diet, cardio log, tips for sticking to it, etc., and when February 1st came we all kicked it in! Everyone weighed in this past weekend, one week in and ALL had some weight loss!! It ranged from .5 pounds up to a 4 pound loss!! I’m very proud of this group of brave individuals for taking this on with Valentines Day right in the middle!! ;-) Anyone in the south bay area come on in to Powerhouse Gym and check out what we’re doing and doing it right!!!

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