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Being that my life has been dedicated to fitness and health, I try to apply that to every facet of living; nutrition, exercise and my idea of “medicine”. Our view of health, as humans, has many faces and each of us has an idea of what “healthy” is in our own mind as well as the “general consensus” of health. I have always been an advocate of preventative medicine or natural/holistic/homeopathic methods of “medicine”.
I have, as of late, tried the natural Chinese healing method of acupuncture. I can’t say enough good about this. It has enabled me to do what I love to do in the gym every day with very minimal to no pain. Being an athlete for a living, I don’t remember what it’s like to live without pain, so discovering the pain relieving benefits of acupuncture has been a saving grace for me. It not only relieves my pain but the time spent during my treatment, quiets my spirit and calms and relaxes my energy! I love this new found health benefit and highly recommend it to anyone and everyone who has chronic pain, acute pain or even organ problems. It’s an amazing ancient practice that is very applicable today because our bodies are still the same structure and operate with the same meridians and energies!!!

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  1. Cory Dilley April 17, 2013 at 8:42 am #

    Thanks for this Maire! All of your knowledge helps people on a 360(all around). I faintly know you and will continue to know you as a strong willed, intelligent, life saving, beautiful health nut.

    Your friend,

    Cory D

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