I Crashed On My Bike………Hypoglycemically Speaking! ;-)

Well I’m one week into my competition diet and I guess those 50 grams or so of carbs per day just aren’t enough to get me through my Sunday 20 miler on my Lemond…..and apparently my body is not yet efficient enough at fat conversion!  I had a protein shake upon waking, loaded up my bottle with water and BCAA’s then headed out as usual.  Everything was normal, felt great, relaxed (it’s Sunday, no hurry), passing people, cruising at a comfortable 16 to 18mph all the way to Manhattan Pier.  I chilled at my turn around point for about 3 minutes or so, taking in the surfers, sand volleyball players and families enjoying their Sunday at the beach, then I sent a text to my bf telling him my ETA and headed back home.  About 5  minutes later, I crashed and crashed hard!  Wow, I haven’t felt like that in years!  My limbs felt useless, everything was shaky, I was dizzy, vision was, well worse than usual (hahaha), hands tingly, and just no power….. I had to stop.  I texted my bf and let him know that it was going to be a longer return trip than expected and started riding again.  With about 8 miles left I knew I’d have to stop occasionally, even with moving at a much slower pace than usual, somewhere between 13 – 15mph. :-/  Stopped about 5 times…..but got some nice pics! :-)

An hour and 20 minutes later I rolled into my apartment…..about 15 minutes later than normal but I made it, even in my compromised state!  As I was struggling to continue and finish my ride my thoughts wandered, as they always do on my rides.  I was reminded, once again in life, how situations come up where we would think to say, “I CAN’T do this”, or “I HAVE to eat before I can finish this”, or “I NEED to have someone pick me up and drive me home”,  etc., etc.  And once again, as has happened many times in my life, I realized that I can do anything which I set my mind to, even against my body’s wishes!  We are only as limited as we allow ourselves to be.  We can and should master our own body and life, against all circumstances which we have been conditioned to believe are “insurmountable”, as humans. We must take responsibility for ourselves and stop making excuses for not rising up and over coming.

The perfect song came on that fired me up and drove me onward……Nights of Cydonia by Muse……”No one’s gonna to take me alive….  the time has come to make things right…. you and I must fight for our rights….you and I must fight to survive….!  A bit dramatic, I know, but this is how I live my life…..music drives and inspires me to be a stronger me and to overcome or override my own weaknesses when I would otherwise, possibly limit myself and succumb to the weakness in my physical body.  As I rode to this song my mind (although glycogen depleted) was saying a big, “fuck you” to my body and it’s determination to stop for lack of proper fuel!!!  :-)  What drives me as a human?  I believe my determination to not be bested by my weaknesses, or what I perceive as weakness in myself.

All of this to say:


No matter what seems insurmountable in your life right now, today, you are in control because the heart, mind and spirit can be bested by nothing, not even disease that wastes the body away….our energy prevails into eternity and it starts right here, right now!

Happy Sunday everyone!

Maire :-)



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