More Than A Trainer

“This is a testimonial for Maire Brandon. I had never exercised in my life and one day, 4 yrs ago, I looked at myself and knew I needed to do something for my body and mind to keep it all together. I’ll be 59 yrs old, Feb 24, and have been married for 24 yrs this May. On Valentine’s Day my husband wrote on his handwritten card that all my workouts have made me more beautiful. He was proud to have such a strong and muscular woman and that I looked better than I did 24 yrs ago. Now that’s saying something!
Not only does she know our body’s essentials but she has an amazing mind. I thank her for all the conversations we’ve had and hopefully we will continue having. She has helped me to rethink and open my mind to many different avenues.
She is incredibly informative, instinctive, creative, heartfelt, and has an abundance of common sense. And I thought I was all that! HA! You get more than a workout session with her you get a best friend who has your back. I love her dearly and am always here for her as she is for me.
Take her on as a trainer, I will guarantee you’ll get more than you expect”!!!

Carol Zippert