Maire’s Nutrition Principles

Maire’s Diet and Nutrition Philosophies

The “D” word has negative connotations in our vocabulary today but the fact is that we are ALL on a “diet”. Your diet is simply WHAT you put in your mouth on a daily basis. I teach people the “why of the what”, when it comes to “fueling your body”. As Hippocrates says, “Let Food Be Your Medicine”!

I, myself, in the past have been vegetarian, vegan and a raw foodist but truly believe that we are healthiest when we have a balance in our diet. For the individual with no food allergies or special dietary needs a good nutritional balance contains meat, poultry, fish, raw and cooked vegetables with limited fruits and starches, nuts, seeds and the once or twice a year cleanse.

I offer many different diet plans to meet the varied needs of individuals seeking help, whether it be weight loss or a competition diet. I’ve provided diets for vegans, vegetarians, gluten intolerant and individuals with IBS.

“Set yourself up for success”….. This is my motto when it comes to diet and eating correctly for weight loss, body sculpting or overall health and fitness and I teach my clients how to do this!

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