Sunday Morning Ride

I wasn’t particularly in the mood to hop on my bike this gloomy, cool Sunday morning, would’ve rather laid in bed with my warm bodied boyfriend but I am competing in 3 weeks and those calories need to be burned, so off I went. The first mile or so was done begrudgingly as my nose kept running and eyes kept watering due to the 59 degree temperature but on I cranked and inside of 2 miles I was warmed up and started to take on a whole different attitude regarding my cloudy morning ride. I actually started to feel alive and powerful on my wonderful machine and my focus honed in on the beautiful freedoms of the morning rather than the restrictions.
As I headed west toward the ocean on the Ballona Creek path, battling a brutal southwest wind, I couldn’t help but notice how the fence was beautifully lined with yellow and white daisies and peppered in every now and then was a “No Trespassing Sign” or some other restrictive warning and my mind wandered to the thought that I felt totally unaffected by the posted restriction because all the beauty was free for me to take in on my ride and I could ride as long and far as I wanted….the decision to enjoy was all within my power, in my hands, I was at the helm!
When I rounded the corner at the end of Ballona to head south along the ocean I was really hit with the wind….it was actually a south/southwest wind and now I was pretty much down to a crawl but by now my once “grumpy attitude” had blossomed into “gratitude”…(see how I did that there?… grrrr+attitude=GRattitude…hahahahaha). So I was feeling much gratitude for life and the ability to do what I do and I was loving the challenge that this powerful training partner(the wind) had thrown at me.
Energy flows from us, whether it be negative or positive, it surrounds us as our aura and others pick up on it. I’m happy to say that many other people smiled and said good morning even though I was plugged into my headset, my energy emanated from me and I shared my love and gratitude with other humans as well as animals and plants, along my ride. I stopped and took several pictures to share my experience, pictures of free beauty and pictures of posted restrictions but either way my ability to enjoy and be grateful was and is free, it’s always free and it will always be free for all of us.
The takeaway from my ride this morning, which started out begrudgingly but ended with overwhelming gratitude, is this: We perceive certain situations in life as restrictions and stress when in actuality we’re surrounded by and embody, freedoms, beauty and strengths … it’s up to us to get and keep our minds right regarding the power we ourselves hold in our own lives and attitudes, every facet of our lives.

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