Success Stories


When I first started training with Maire Brandon as a 62-year-old college professor, I had a history of consistently working out on my own and jogging. I felt healthy and reasonably fit, but I didn’t really feel that my efforts in the gym were delivering much in the way of effects on my physique. I’d never tried working with a trainer before, but I thought it would be interesting to see what was possible if I worked with one of the best. Through a combination of excellent coaching on form and technique, dietary advice, effective motivation during training sessions, and periodic revisions to my workout plans, Maire has helped me achieve results much beyond anything I’d ever been able to do on my own. Even after nearly three years of training with Maire, I’m still surprised, several times a week, by pleasant muscle aches that tell me I’ve worked something in a way that is going to lead to more growth. I begin to suspect that whatever limits I have are much farther away than I would have ever imagined.

I want to add a word about Maire’s skill at rehabilitative training. Some months ago I had rotator cuff surgery (for a very old shoulder injury), followed by a normal course of physical therapy. In the initial stages of my recovery, Maire designed workouts that focused on legs and abs, so I didn’t have to forgo my much-loved gym time. She’s begun working in upper body exercises that are focused on retraining nerves and muscles to perform together as they should. Thanks to her advanced education in physical training, she was able to design phased approach that has resulted in a safe and steady recovery of form and function in the affected areas. I’m looking forward to recovering all my old gains and then making more, with her help!

Allen Munro PhD

Simply stated Maire is the best trainer I have ever worked with or known. At 45 years old I am in the best shape of my entire life and I actually love the process. She has created an extremely easy to follow diet custom made for my goals and keeps my 3-4 days a week workouts constantly new and challenging to make sure that I’m consistently improving and changing. I can not say enough wonderful things about Maire, she is just “The Bomb”!!!

Lisa Dixon

My name is Jo Curtice and I have been training in Martial Arts for almost nine years now. In 2009 I was training hard, preparing to take my Cho Dan (which is a first degree black belt test), unfortunately, after attempting a jump spinning back kick I dislocated my femur, knee and ankle. The pain was bearable but I could not walk without my knee cracking and hyper-extending.

I went to a medical doctor and I was given pain killers and muscle relaxers but no solutions. I found a therapist in Fresno, California that would relocate my knee, however, without proper strengthening of the surrounding muscles and joint tissue, my knee kept dislocating. I didn’t know who to go to after the doctor and therapist, seeing as it was painful to simply walk.

For almost a year and a half I sat on the couch, felt depressed and at the end of my rope. I have four kids and three grand kids, not to mention a wonderful husband but couldn’t enjoy an active life with them because it was painful to walk. I decided to go to a nearby gym and see if I could work on my mental state. I met Maire and shared what I’d been through and how my leg kept dislocating. Without hesitation she said, “I believe I can help you”. She explained where my weaknesses were, why and what I needed to do to strengthen them, in and out of the gym. We worked together and after 6 months of training with Maire and doing my “homework” exercises, I was strong and healthy again, mentally and physically. I’m now back to my Martial Arts training, activities with my family as well as going to the gym on a regular basis.

I still feel some discomfort but that is to be expected; however, my life would not be as good and full of activity if I had not had the fortune and blessing to meet Maire.

Jo Curtice, Torrance, California

“I have had the opportunity to train with Maire on numerous occasions and I can say with confidence that she is one of the most intelligent and motivational women I know. Maire exudes strength, confidence and determination… Her positive energy is absolutely infectious. If you aren’t training with Maire, you are seriously missing out!”

Savannah Rose Neveux, Manhattan Beach

“This is a testimonial for Maire Brandon. I had never exercised in my life and one day, 4 yrs ago, I looked at myself and knew I needed to do something for my body and mind to keep it all together. I’ll be 59 yrs old, Feb 24, and have been married for 24 yrs this May. On Valentine’s Day my husband wrote on his handwritten card that all my workouts have made me more beautiful. He was proud to have such a strong and muscular woman and that I looked better than I did 24 yrs ago. Now that’s saying something!
Not only does she know our body’s essentials but she has an amazing mind. I thank her for all the conversations we’ve had and hopefully we will continue having. She has helped me to rethink and open my mind to many different
She is incredibly informative, instinctive, creative, heartfelt, and has an abundance of common sense. And I thought I was all that! HA! You get more than a workout session with her you get a best friend who has your back. I love her dearly and am always here for her as she is for me.
Take her on as a trainer, I will guarantee you’ll get more than you expect”!!!

Carol Zippert, RPV