The “Fastrack” Mentality…….

When I ride, I think (therefore I AM)…Renee Descartes… LOL   Seriously, my mind covers a lot of information when I ride and I come up with some great ideas, unfortunately I forget much of it by the time I get back home…hahahaha.   Since I ride mostly on the Ballona Creek Path and west to the ocean front path, there are always other people out “doing their thing”, either riding or running or walking or some sort of activity.   On my ride this morning one particular woman stuck out to me and got my mind wandering in a particular vein.  She was a younger woman, most likely in her mid to late 20’s and she was quite overweight, I’d say by about 50 pounds.  She was running, or trying to “run” and was carrying her water bottle tightly in her hand and pressed up against her abdomen, she was struggling but clearly determined to run.  My thought as I passed her was, “Stop and walk, you’re not getting fitter, faster by running, you’re just risking permanent damage to your soft tissue”.  Which lead me to my next analysis, “Why do people insist on running instead of walking, especially very overweight people…..usually women”?  As Winnie the Pooh would say, “Think, think, think”… ;-)  First and foremost, I believe humans want a quick fix!  They want cures for sickness in a pill, they want fat off their bodies in a scalpel slice, they want fast nutritious food in a chemical cocktail, and they want lean, lithe bodies after a week or month of hard exercise.  But when it comes to women I think there are a whole slew of social stigmas and built in complexes that have been driven in and developed over the course of a lifetime….. I will have to touch on this subject at a later date!   As for today’s observation I would simply like to say that there is NO FASTRACK to health, fitness and a strong body!  Our machines are designed to adapt with new stimulus but it has to be consistent and long term in order to reap the long term benefits.  There is a cumulative effect of what we do daily, whether it’s consistently healthy or unhealthy.  We need to be aware that it’s not about “arriving”, it’s about enjoying the journey and all the nuances of said journey, every moment of every day.  We’re all terminal, don’t get into a “fastrack” mentality with health or life…..if you’ve gotten of track, simply get back on and start enjoying the journey, step by step!  :-)



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  1. Allen M. June 5, 2013 at 2:45 pm #

    That’s food for thought! Thanks, Maire!

  2. Jim July 14, 2013 at 5:20 am #

    Maire, Renee is a female name, Rene is a male name. Descartes was a male. Je suis desole, mais je ne parle pas francais.

    • Maire Brandon July 14, 2013 at 9:29 pm #

      Thank you Jim, I stand corrected. I’m not fluent in French nor am I acquainted with all the particular rules but regardless of my grammatical faux pas the information in the blog stands true. I apologize to Rene Descartes for misspelling his name.

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