Maire Brandon’s Workout Philosophy

There’s a SCIENCE to my philosophy of success:

Simplicity… Your workout should not be mentally complicated.

Consistency… Whatever you do, if you’re consistent you WILL get results.

Intensity… There must be an intensity of mental and physical focus during workouts.

Effectiveness… Of movement always, body awareness.

Nutrition… What we put in our mouths, feeds our machine, nutrition is KEY to a fit, healthy body.

Core… Your core is your foundation and should be employed in EVERY exercise.

Energy… When the afore mentioned are practiced, energy is in abundance in life!!!!

Apart from our soul/spirit we are simple machines comprised of muscle, bone, tissue and blood, which respond to stimulus. Externally it responds to how we work it or load it (exercise) and internally it responds to the fuel it’s given (diet). Basically, numbers in/numbers out. If we work/ load our muscle properly and incrementally, it will respond by growing and changing shape, when it grows it uses more energy, hence more fat burning potential. Your heart and mind drive the train, the body will always do what it’s told to do so get your mind right, put your heart into it and your body will change according to your desires!

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